Ways to Spice up a Company Party

So you are in charge of your next company party and have no idea where to begin. You want it to be fun and enjoyable for all the employees, but at the same time it needs to be appropriate since it is a company party. Fear not, the following are some ideas of great and appropriate company parties that would be approved by HR.

First, if you are low on cash consider having a potluck. You might not think this is very exciting, but let’s be honest, everyone likes to eat. You can send sign up sheets around the office and people can sign up to bring different dishes. This is a good idea so you have a variety of food. One way you can jazz this up is to have a contest for best dessert for instance. This could be fun for employees to share with everyone something that is meaningful to them.

Second, if you have a good budget and want something more active consider taking everyone to play paintball. This is a fun idea to get everyone interacting with one another. It is great for building teamwork within an office since it is a strategic activity. You can divide the teams up by different divisions in the office or mix different divisions together so people get to know one another. Not only is this a fun activity it can also be stress relieving.

Third, you could have a company white elephant gift exchange. It takes a bit of planning, but can be a lot of fun. Make sure everyone knows to bring a gender neutral gift and set a price limit for the gifts so everything is equal. I know the times I have participated in white elephant gift exchanges that they have been a lot of fun and very entertaining to see the funny gifts people come up with. You could even make a theme and say all the gifts have to fall under a certain category.

Fourth, you could have a company picnic if it is in the summer. You can even save money on the venue because it is outside so you won’t have a room rental fee. You could get the barbecue catered by a local restaurant or have it more of a potluck style. Perhaps consider having some live entertainment, or different booths for children.

Fifth, you could have a costume party. Kids aren’t the only ones who like to dress up and be silly every once in a while. Encourage your employees to dress up and compete in a costume contest. Be creative in the costumes, think about creating your costume out of basic materials such as garbage bags, or aluminum foil. For more costume specific parties you could have everyone dress up as a superhero or their favorite character as a child.

So if you are in charge of the next company party, don’t fret have some fun! Something that will make it even more memorable is to give away a gift. This is yet another way to say thank you to your employees. One great idea if you have given out company Samsung phones is to give each person a samsung case. They have a variety of nice designs and colors to choose from. Make your employees glad they work for you! 

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