Top Useful Gifts

Girl giving giftPracticality – some people thrive from it.  Even when it comes to gifts there are some people who can’t help but give useful items.  If you are one of these people or are giving a gift to a practical person, than here is a list of some very useful gift ideas.

Books – Books are available for everyone.  You can buy educational books (incredibly practical) or fiction as well.  Board books are always nice for tiny children since they are constantly ruining them.  You can even buy people books for their kindles and nooks these days.

Kitchen items – Kitchen items are always a need.  You can buy a more expensive item, such as a new microwave, or a cheaper item, such as a good quality spatula.  If your gift is for a newly wed or a new college student than you might want to invest in some cheaper practical items, such as measure cups and spoons, spatulas, bowls, etc.

Toiletries – Everyone needs soap, shampoo, lotion, and toothpaste.  It is more practical to know what your friend or family member’s favorite items are, but nonetheless, everyone can use these items and they are very practical.

Classes – You can find amazing classes at your local recreation center or even at a local community college or university to sign someone up for.  These community classes vary from learning how to do photography to learning how to use a specific computer program to Zumba and karate.  They vary in cost and times and often have several options available in bigger cities.

Babysitting – Everyone needs a babysitter and in this economy they are hard to come by.  Offer yourself up as a babysitter for your friend.  You can benefit from this because it costs you no money and your friend will definitely appreciate the time you put in.  This is a practical gift for the giver and recipient.

Gift cards – When in doubt buy a gift card.  This gift is practicality at it’s finest.  You can never go wrong with a gift card (as long as you get one to a store that carries a variety of items anyway).  Let the person pick out their own gift and they will certainly be pleased with it.

Totes – Tote bags are another great item.  Having reusable tote bags makes shopping much more eye pleasing, sustainable, and just plain fun.  There are other tote bag uses as well, such as packing for a trip to the beach, packing up as a diaper bag for the baby sitter or an overnighter for an older child.  Tote bags make a great way to separate out each person’s snacks and entertainment on road trips as well.  Get an apple and bee tote for the most eye pleasing and best quality option.

Socks and underwear – Finally if you’ve ever heard of a practical gift you’ve heard because mom and grandma loved to buy you underwear and socks for your birthday and Christmas.  Who can contain themselves?  Mostly I think these practical ladies like to have the excuse of wrapping up extra items.  Why not buy practical, needed items if it gives you an excuse to put more presents on the table or under the tree?

Practical gift giving is not really an art form and doesn’t take any amazing skills.  It’s simply a very streamlined way of gift giving, which comes in handy some years – and for some is a great option every year.

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