Tips For The Perfect Shave

Getting the perfect shave takes technique and it mostly boils down to the razor that is used. There are many razors on the market from straight edge to electric, which ones bring the closest shave? The disposable seems to win hands down in most studies. There are so many varieties available and when the blade gets dull, simply toss and use a new one. However; will this blade take care of the dreaded shadowing effect?

The five o’clock shadow is something that most men can’t avoid, but some razors can actually keep the shadowing to a minimum. The three blade razor offers some of the closest shaves available. The closer the shave, the longer the hair has to grow to reach the face’s surface. If a person finds themselves with stubble by lunchtime, then the razor they are using is not sufficient. A sharp razor is just as important as what type of razor is being used. The razor that is dull will not only fail to remove the hair efficiently, but it will also have more potential to damage the skin around the area its being used.

Electric razors are notorious for just skimming the hair off at the top of the surface and not getting a close shave. While these types of razors are great in a hurry, they often don’t do the trick for a nice smooth shave. Great for travel and perfect for tough situations, but they just don’t offer the best shave out there. While a pain, straight edge razors provide the closest shave, but they also have the most danger factors. Disposables are a great option for most people because they are inexpensive and come in numerous varieties.

Some of the tips from the art of shaving start with what is being used to shave with. A foaming cream is most common, but will soap and a good lather do the same? Shaving creams protect the face and also help the razor to closely shave the face. They keep from getting knicks and cuts and help to condition the face. What to shave with is a matter of choice and soap can provide moisture just like any shaving cream. The shaving cream provides some fragrance, maybe a tingly feeling and helps to release the hairs easier. Some people think that a shave should be done before getting into the shower, but actually it is just the opposite. Getting a hot shower first helps to soften the hairs and allows them to easily be removed.

Shaving against the grain will give a man the closest shave possible, but it can also cause a greater risk of bleeding. The proper way is to go with the grain and to smoothly glide the razor. While this is the correct way, it won’t get a face as soft as a baby’s butt. Sine every face and hair type is different, a bit of trial and error will find the best method for getting a perfect shave.

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