Rewarding Your Employees

Global world class organizations are always looking for different and ingenious ways to reward their staff members. Some can come in a form of monetary incentives like the annual raise or bonuses. In addition, others can receive glass awards and trophies marking their accomplishments! This kind of recognition can be one of the best ways of honoring an employee who has gone above and beyond their normal duties! Rewarding your employees (give them a trophy) drives them to show much more pride in their work habits and become more effective in their daily routines.

Studies have shown that words of praise and positive reinforcements are one of the ideal ways to develop a great team. Department Managers are famous for team building exercises to help develop a staff that works exceptional well with one another. Many like to hold off-sites to help encourage their staff to bond and get to know their co-workers likes and dislikes. This could be a real eye-opener for team mates that might telecommute or don’t have the extra time to develop relationships after work hours. Many successful department managers will invest in their budgets to purchase glass awards and trophies as a signal that they appreciate their employees’ strengths and will celebrate their accomplishments with an announcement complete with cake, cookies and ice cream!

Employees love positive reinforcement and turning the focus on staff members that excel in their work only makes other staff members want to join in and succeed as well. Many businesses use these kinds of incentive programs to inspire their top sales people. The rewards can be very lucrative but company recognition is also very important as well. Many of these executives love to adorn their offices with glass awards and trophies of their years of hard work! It is also very impressive to both their current and new clients to see that they are dealing with a master in their fields! This can drum up business and soothe potential clients concerns if they had any!

The costs involved for purchasing glass awards and trophies are very affordable. They can be ordered online and designed with the company’s logo and the employee’s present accomplishments. Many merchants have great designs for glass work and can custom make figures like building structures or food items like bagels to fit in with the company’s line of business. This can be a great way to have free advertisement as employees also like to display their accomplishments in their home offices as well. Many companies use these glass items for promotions, give-aways or paper weights at road shows or in an area where there is high public traffic! Clients always love and appreciate these kinds of give-aways as well and look forward to receiving them at the company’s annual picnics, Christmas parties or trade shows they attend. This would be an excellent time to hand out the company’s newest product lines or revive an old one!

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