Odd Gifts for Your Guy Friend

Do you have a friend with a special occasional coming up?  Is a guy friend having a birthday?  Important occasions are perfect times for giving gifts.  When choosing a gift for a guy friend you want to be sure to choose something nice that doesn’t carry connotations you don’t intend.  When choosing a gift for a friend, here are some options to consider:

  • Health care products.  Some great ideas that can be given to just about any guy friend include shaving razors or kits and body wash/cologne sets.  These gifts are universal in that all men can use them and are not intimate in any way; therefore they make perfect gifts for every guy friend you have.
  • Give clothing or accessories.  A guy that works in an office will often appreciate a new tie to wear to work.  For a friend that enjoys more leisure time you could choose a t-shirt.
  • Little extras for the office can make great gifts.  Make his office feel more his own by gifting collectables, prints, or other office accessories he can display proudly.
  • Consider a gag gift for a guy friend that loves a laugh.  For the right occasion and the right friend a gag or humorous gift can be just the thing.  They allow you to celebrate or recognize the occasion without any serious connotations.  Choosing just the right gag gift requires a lot of thought into the likes, tastes, and styles of your friend.
  • Find the perfect gift for his specific hobbies.  Choosing a gift card, or item that supports a friend’s favorite hobby can be a great gift for any friend including your guy friends.  These gifts show that you know his hobby and enjoy supporting him in those events.
  • Consider baked goods.  Most friends, especially guy friends, enjoy getting baked goods.  If you know your friend has a sweet tooth giving them a treat can be just the right gift.
  • Consider his other interests.  Is your friend a sports buff?  Does he love music?  What about art or other collections?  Knowing your friend’s interest can help you choose the perfect gift from tickets to a sporting event, autographed sports memorabilia, the latest album from his favorite artist, or even a new item for his collection.

When choosing the perfect or odd gift for your guy friend, consider your friend’s likes and dislikes as well as his interests and hobbies.  Knowing these important things about your friend will help you choose just the right gift.  If you take the time to put some thought into the gift you can’t go wrong with the gift you choose, because the most important part of the gift Is you remembering them and their important event.

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