Mood Ring Color Meanings

mood ringsMood rings have been a popular staple of kid and young adult jewelry since 1975 and use body temperature measuring chemicals to gauge your mood. Precious International has a wide range of wholesale mood rings that are perfect for your next party. This article will explain the various mood ring color meanings.

Black is the most negative emotion associated with mood rings. It indicates fear, angst, seriousness, stress, and depression. Each succeeding color will be the next highest in “positivity.” Just remember that brighter ring colors indicate more positive emotions.

Yellow is a bright, seemingly positive, color. However, its only one step above black. As a result, its a mostly negative color that indicates anxiety, caution, distraction, or a general “mellow” feeling. Mood ring users that feel “so-so” often have a yellow colored ring.

Orange is a rather “nervous” color and can indicate stress, confusion, upset feelings, or indignation. People that feel challenged or have a mixed reaction to something often show orange when wearing a mood ring.

Restless, irritated, and distressed users often have dark green mood rings. Dark green mood ring users are often worried about something or feel mixed emotions. Dark green is on the very edge of positive mood ring feelings. Sometimes, a user with slightly positive or hopeful feelings will get dark green.

A lighter green indicates a “normal” emotional state. A user is likely to be alert and relatively stress free. Most light green mood ring users aren’t feeling incredibly strong feelings at the moment, but may be harboring feeling of jealousy or envy. They may be guarding a sensitive reaction to an emotional situation.

A blue-green color indicates an upbeat, somewhat relaxed, and positive frame of mind. User with blue-green are often highly motivated and happy about their life. Many are feeling somewhat flirtatious.

A full blue color indicates optimism and acceptance. Users with a blue color are usually feeling calm, peaceful, and pleasant. They aren’t feeling incredibly strong emotions, but have a slight positive aura. A darker blue can be considered a more intensely positive version of these feelings, often verging on bliss, true happiness, and love.

Mood rings users that have violet and burgundy colors are undoubtedly feeling love, romance, and amorous feelings. Emotions are strong and heavy with violet, but highly positive. Sensual and mischievous behaviors are often linked with violet colored mood rings.

Pink is the absolute happiest mood ring color. It indicates feelings of euphoria, personal warmth, strong affection, infatuation, positive curiosity, and true love.

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