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Few jewelry lovers admit they have very specific tastes. This always presents a problem when it comes to shopping for jewelry. Jewelry lovers can either spend hours and days shopping for the perfect pieces to add to their jewelry collections or do it the easy and convenient way: one stop shopping online at Mitchum Jewelers.

Online One Stop Shopping
Mitchum’s online site,, has been getting a lot of buzz. It’s easy to see why. It’s like visiting one hundred jewelry stores without the travel and time involved.

Mitchum has been in business since 1965 in Ozark, Missouri, practically a lifetime in the jewelry world. For customers, Mitchum’s long experience in designer time pieces, rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces assures customers of excellent quality.

Seeing Is Believing
Shopping for wedding rings can be a stressful experience. It needn’t be. Mitchum’s has a vast selection of engagement and wedding bands to suit any bride and groom’s preferences. Precious metals like gold, white and rose gold, silver and today’s popular titanium make the most memorable fashion statements.

Mitchum’s also offers Parade, Ashi and Tacori designer engagement rings with a variety of diamond cuts and sizes. For busy bridal couples, shopping online at Mitchum’s is relaxed and saves time. There’s so much wedding planning. Shopping from home for engagement and wedding rings saves time better spent on more important things.

Top Designer Names in Jewelry
Jewelry shoppers know the importance of designer names in jewelry. In addition, to Parade, Ashi and Tacori, Mitchum shoppers also find collections by Beny Sofer, Pandora, Benchmark and Henri Daussi, top names in jewelry designs.

For example, click on Beny Sofer. You’ll be stunned by the diverse collection of uniquely designed fashion rings. If earrings catch your eye, you just have to see the Tacori earring collection to fully appreciate the variety of settings and gemstones.

Then, get ready to view a brilliant assortment of bracelets in the Parade collection that are impossible to resist. There’s one that’s perfect for every jewelry wardrobe. While you are looking at Parade’s bracelet collection, click on Parade’s necklaces. The designs go from traditional styles to contemporary with lots of gem sparkle and glow of precious metals.

Timepieces Make Great Gifts
Mitchum takes jewelry one step further with Shinola precision timepieces, made in the USA. Shinola is one of the oldest makers of time pieces in the US. These make wonderful, birthday, anniversary and graduation gifts. When “time is of the essence,” Shinola is a necessity for its accuracy in time keeping.

Start Shopping for Jewelry Today
There’s always time to shop for jewelry. Today, it’s even faster and more convenient. Visit and enjoy jewelry shopping again.

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