Looking Good and Staying Warm

bundling_upThe words “staying warm” often conjure up images of “A Christmas Story’s” Randy, buttoned up to his eyeballs in a one-piece snowsuit. Dressing for chilly weather shouldn’t keep you from putting your arms down, let alone compromise your style. There’s a frosty fashionista in all of us, you just have to know where to find her. 

Start your cold-weather style campaign with a fashion forward Downeast sweater. Cardigans, fly-aways, and crewnecks add a little pop of color in these bleak winter months. Downeast sweaters keep you cozy in playful patterns like houndstooth and nautical stripes or classic solids like oatmeal and charcoal.When temperatures drop, it’s natural to try and bring on the bulk. Skip puffy jackets that do nothing for your silhouette and opt for something both insulating and formfitting. Eddie Bauer and Uniqlo offer some of the lightest, warmest down jackets and parkas around, available in colors to match everyone’s taste from subtle to downright dazzling.

Gloves can make all the difference in your pursuit of looking put-together. A pair of Etip gadget gloves from The North Face are sleek, professional and put an end to the days of fumbling with your touch screen phone. For fans of huddling your digits close together, knitted flip-top mittens are a cute alternative.

When it comes to winter boots, the keywords are waterproof and tall. The right tall and seam-sealed waterproof boots elongate legs and look great with anything from dark jeans to (dare you try) pencil skirts. A classic fur-topped blizzard-ready boot or black heeled laced number can express your style and avoid the slush day and night.

Scarves are not only functional, but can be a real eye-catching accent piece both indoors and out. Keep it classy by tying up a long Pashmina or ruffled edge Cashmere scarf in what is known as an “NYC” (fold in half, drape behind your shoulders, pull one end through the loop, twist, pull the other end through, and voilà!) Or pass on the whole knotting process altogether with an shimmery infinity scarf.

It’s believed that we lose about 40% of our body heat through the tops of our heads, so beating the freeze means gearing up from head-to-toe quite literally. Your winter hat isn’t just an accessory, it’s a centerpiece! Top of your look with a fur-lined aviator, unleash your inner hipster with a slouchy beanie, or play the demure starlet in a wide brim floppy hat. If your up-do is at risk, a simple crochet headband or one adorned with flowers and sequins will do the trick.

Winter is no time to let your fashion sense hibernate. So, rock it out and stay toasty!

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