Jewelry And Watch Repair

watch repFor most people, their jewelry, including their watch, is a part of who they are and where they’ve been in life. The value of it goes far beyond the monetary value that an appraiser might quote. There may not even be a monetary value, rather a bond that only love can create and a history that is known only by you.

When the unthinkable happens and a piece of your jewelry is damaged or broken, where can you turn for help? You want to be fully confident, not only in the skills of the person you hand your prized possession over to but also in their ability to understand its real worth to you. That’s a skill that can’t be taught but can be found at the Roseville Watch And Jewelry Repair shops.

Whether your jewelry is silver, gold, gem stone or simply costume pieces, the same care is taken to repair and restore them to their original state, or even better. Stones can be replaced that are lost, to your specification, metal can be restored and prongs can be reset, as well as any other repair that is needed.

Ring sizing is offered, as well as cleaning and polishing for all types of jewelry. Your precious pieces are treated with the utmost of care and respect, just as you would treat them.

Watches of all types and styles are repaired here, as well as watch bands replaced on wristwatches and chains on pocket watches. No matter what the age of your watch, all the care in the world will be taken to clean, repair or restore it to your complete satisfaction. Battery replacement is also offered for all types of watches.

If you are in need of a piece of jewelry repaired but don’t know if your budget can stretch to cover the cost, bring it in for a free estimate. While you wait, a technician with specialized skills in jewelry repair will assess the extent of the repairs needed and give you an estimate of how much the anticipated work will cost.

With your busy life, there is not enough time in the day to get everything done, it seems. Saving time is of the utmost importance. Thank goodness, there’s no need to go to separate shops to have your jewelry taken care of and to buy watch batteries. One stop does it all at Roseville Watch And Jewelry Repair.

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