In Indiana, Online Streaming Services Cannot Compete With Satellite or Cable Television

ieaMany people often think about “cutting the cord” with cable and satellite providers and either going for free television service or an online streaming provider.

Poor Picture Quality

The downside to online streaming providers is that TV that is provided over the internet instead of through satellite or cable is that it usually has worse picture quality and fewer options. Problems, such as frequent buffering and poor picture quality plague the online providers such as Netflix. These services are limited because only people that have adequate bandwidth are able to watch content that is streamed over the internet.

The Federal Communications Commission reported in 2012 that merely 38 percent of households in America are able to access the broadband speed that Netflix recommends for streaming high-quality video or HD streams. In comparison, the National Cable and Telecommunication Association says that almost all American households can get either satellite or cable TV service, Both types of service deliver HD quality without stuttering or buffering.

Limited Options

In spite of how far the online streaming video has come, satellite, and cable television still provides content that can’t be found otherwise. HBO and Showtime do not make their current season shows accessible for streaming or downloading other than through their own streaming services or through their on-demand cable channels. HBO GO and Showtime Anytime can only be accessed if you subscribe to a participating satellite of cable or provider. If you’re not a satellite or cable subscriber, then you will have to wait until after the season to get them on a disc.

Many networks also tie their instantly streaming services to subscription TV services. ABC’s live-streaming app can only be accessed through an account with AT&T, Comcast, Cablevision, or another participating provider. Other networks, such as the Cartoon Network provide some shows for free, but most of their streams require an account with a satellite or cable provider.


In addition, streaming services, such as Hulu and Netflix cannot offer sports lovers even close to what traditional satellite and cable providers offer. Want to catch your favorite NFL team live on Hulu or Netflix? Well, that is not an option. These services do not stream live NFL, which makes the service really disappointing for sports fans. In Indiana, Colts fans will never miss a game with “NFL Sunday Ticket” which is only available through Direct TV in Indiana. Direct TV offers every game live, every Sunday. This is just something that the online streaming services cannot compete with.

So, while the thought might be tempting to “cut the cord” with satellite or cable, there are a number of disadvantages in doing so.

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