How Onesies Went from Children’s Clothing to Playful Fashion

It is amazing how much you can learn from a baby, but not many people would have suspected that you could learn fashion from them. For decades, babies have been wearing onesies, and the jumpsuit has only recently become popular in the fashion industry, with people like Brad Pitt and Rihanna deciding to sport them in recent years. And once celebrities start doing something, it isn’t long before others start doing that same thing. Now, the onesie has taken its seat as one of the most commonly searched for items on eBay.

How It Got Started

Onesies originally began as baby clothing, and then people wanting to keep warm around their homes starting wearing them. Now, onesies are mainstream and they come in all sorts of patterns and colours. This popular item is now being searched for more than anything else on eBay, the online company reported in May. In fact, 140 000 people searched for onesies on the auction site during that month. That beat out other popular search items such as cameras, tablets and smartphones. And the number of people wanting the clothing is steadily increasing. In fact, searches on eBay for onesies went up by about 200% from the beginning of the year to about the halfway point.

They Are Great For the Cold

In Australia, the onesie increased in sales by 40% in one day after a cold spell hit the east coast. The article is certainly quite the insulator, as there is nothing cutting off the air from the legs to reach the torso and arms. With the popularity increasing so rapidly, it could be just a matter of time before the onesie catches on to the point where its sales will skyrocket. We have already seen a major sales spike in Australia when its winter hit in June, so just wait to see the type of sales in North America when the weather starts cooling down.

Who is Buying These Outfits?

While the article of clothing started becoming popular with women, the market for men is growing at a 95% pace. Those who are selling the garment say they are becoming exceedingly popular at parties. Sales generally ramp up just prior to the weekend, when people want to arrive to the party wearing what they believe makes them look the best. In fact, a new party genre called the “onesie party” was one of the more popular party genres in the winter of 2013, and that may just be the beginning, as Australia’s mainstream use could catch on in the Northern Hemisphere this winter. Heck, you could even dress in a monkey onesie.

Is the Onesie a Practical Garment?

Many people buy an article of clothing because they want to follow the fashion trend, but the onesie is also very practical. Instead of washing a pair of pants and a shirt, you can just wash the onesie. Furthermore, you will never need to wear a belt or suspenders with the onesie, because your shoulders are supporting it. The only question remaining is: Where is your onesie?

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