Great Presents for your Teen Daughter

teen daughter presentIf you have a teenage daughter and are unsure of great presents for her, then this is just the article for you! Let’s face it, teenage girls can be difficult in multiple ways. Those hormones are raging and the teenage years seem to be the most drama filled. Fear not, I am here to help give you ideas for great gifts your teenage daughter will love. First, you can look into Downeast for clothing. Let’s face the facts, teenage girls absolutely love clothes. They have cheap skirts in a variety of material and colors. They are even trendy and follow the seasons. Not only are they fun and trendy, but they are modest too, which is a huge plus for you parents. See there is a way to look cute and be modest at the same time! They also have other fun outfits that your teen girl might like such as dresses, or jeans. Consider getting something there or giving your daughter a gift card for her to shop for herself. Giving a gift card can also create a fun bonding moment for the two of you to go shopping together. This will definitely be something she will love and be appreciative of. Second, if money is tight, and let’s face it, chances are it is in today’s economy, you can look at the following bargain gifts. Happy Skulls Stretch Bracelet, Batiste dry shampoo, lip balm, emery boards, nail polish, barrette bows, facial masks, Stretchy O’s bracelet, or ¬†ankle socks.

These are all cheap and easy small gifts teenage girls might like. Appearance means the world at this age, so getting things for their hair or nails is a big plus and will make sure they are happy. These are great ideas because they are nice on your wallet. Even if it seems like your teenage daughter has too much fashion stuff as it is, chances are she is going to want more. Here are some more ideas to spark her attention. Lulu’s Studded Burgundy Handbag, Lauren Conrad Lurex Jacquard Fit & Flare Dress, Vera Wang Cameo Jewelry, Old Navy Sequenced Tank, Keds shoes, Marc Flower Cluster Pony, AE Flair Isle Fringed Cardigan, Rebecca Minkoff Cory Pouch, Betseyville Heart Flats, YSL-inspired Iphone case, Paillette Embellished Sheath Dress, PB Teen jewelry storage, Shoestrology, Kardashian Kollection Cropped Tuxedo Blazer, La Mer Triple Wrap Watch with Gold Chain, Monster Diamond Tears Headphones, or Statement necklace. These are all fun ideas that any teenage girl would love. Some of these items are more pricey than others but all would be a hit. If your teenage daughter is more like how I was, she may be more into sports than all the latest and greatest fashion. If this is the case consider getting her a gym membership, a personal trainer, or private lessons in her specific sport. I know I was a huge tennis player and loved having private lessons and getting more tennis clothes. Basically, you know your daughter. Look at her personality and do something she would like and have fun.


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