Great Christmas Gifts For Dad

giving dad a present for christmasThere are some traditions that just need to go away, and that tie that you give to dad every year is one of them.  Sure, it may be a family joke at this point, but your father does not need another tie.  He especially does not need the Rudolph tie with special light up nose that plays “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.”

The only exception to this is if you make the tie yourself.  We may not be able to spend time we want with the people we love, especially if we are separated by geography.  We can, however create a gift that says we were thinking of them.  Handmade items are fun to do and are always one of a kind, so you know that dad doesn’t have one already.

For those that are not crafty, a store bought gift can be just the thing needed this holiday season.  Check out some of your local vendors or send something that is made in your state.  Oregonians might send Marionberry jam, Canadians could send maple syrup, and Utahans might send cookies from a local vendor. It is important to have a good list in mind when you are trying to find a good gift for your dad.

If dad already has everything, a donation in his name to his favorite charity might be in order.  That favorite charity might be something that he supports because of a family ordeal, or it may be something that he just believes in.  It is hard to wrap a donation, but most charities are willing to send a card to the person.

While there are some great Christmas gifts that you can buy for dad, there are no gifts that you could get for him that would say everything that you would want to say to a man who has had such a grand influence on your life.

For that man, the gift of time is the best thing you could get him.  Take dad out for a date to someplace that has meaning for both of you – the corner park where he would watch you on the swings, the carousel downtown where you and dad would go every week or the grocery store if that was what you did with your dad.  The place doesn’t have to be special for everyone; it just needs to be a place that has special memories for you and your father.  Even if that place no longer exists, just going there and sitting will allow both of you to relive some very special moments in your life.

Nothing is more precious than the time we spend with others.  Take the worry out of gift giving and spend more time with the ones that you love.  Things get broken, sold at garage sales or lost all the time; memories are something that can be cherished.

Perhaps your dad has home fix-it problems that need to be taken care of. How about contacting a Jacksonville Garage Door Opener company to help them get the service they need? This is a great gift as many times having someone else take care of at-home fixes can be a huge relief.

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