Great Baby Shower Gifts

Baby in pouchA baby shower is an exciting time for the honoree. She is becoming the mother of her own little bundle of joy and wants to share that joy with family friends. Baby showers can be a fun way to socialize with old friends and new people but the main attraction should still be the mother-to-be and your main responsibility as a guest is to bring a great gift, something that can be used to help with the developing child. Most mothers will create a gift registry for their baby showers at popular nationwide chain stores such as Target or Babies-R-Us in order to make it easier for guests to buy the thing the mother wants and needs and to prevent overlapping gift giving. Here are some of the best gifts to give the mother-to-be.


Baby Monitor: A baby monitor is a must have for any new baby. Baby monitors are portable, with one monitor tucked into the baby’s room and one for mom and dad to cart around the house during the day or to sit by their bedside at night. Having a baby monitor helps to keep parents aware of their child without having to be sitting a vigil as their nursery room door.


Front Carrier or Baby Sling: A baby sling or a front carrier is an essential item for moms and dads. These snuggly carrier options keep the baby feeling close to their parents without having to be held. With arms free parents can get more done while still “holding” their baby when he or she needs to be held close. These are also great for out of the house activities such as shopping or hiking.


Out and About Kit: An out and about kit is kit that includes all the things parents might need when they leave the house with their baby. This is a great gift because parents often end up packing their diaper bag in a hurry and inevitably forget some important thing that either sends them home early or makes the rest of their trip to the outside world miserable .And out and about kit should include a diaper bag that will be filled with the following; a couple of diapers and wipes, one or two extra outfits for baby, one bottle of the ready to feed formula (this is for mother’s that are not breast feeding), some rattles and teething rings for baby to play with and chew on and a pacifier or two, as well as items for Mom; an extra t-shirt or non-wrinkle top, a pad of paper, a pencil, a packet of safety pins and an extra set of keys. It will be a much appreciated gift. You can find lots of ideas at Four Green Steps organic baby products to make sure you choose the best present.


Starter Library: A starter library is always a great way to go for a baby shower. Gifting baby and mom and dad with children’s classics is a tradition that seems to fading for some gift givers who are set on getting the fanciest bouncy seat or the cutest baby outfits but books hold a special place in everyone’s heart and just about anyone can name their favorite children’s book. The library can have a theme, such as Dr. Seuss, or can have book ranging from baby books to toddler books or they can just be a selection of the givers favorite books for babies.


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