Getting Your Roof Fixed

Sometimes a roof will develop a leak or two before it is time for a complete new roof. Most leaks that develop on a roof are because of missing shakes or shingles, or because of a cracked or blistered area. Sometimes these types of leaks are hard to locate. Roofing contractors are trained to inspect the roof properly and give owners advice on whether they should replace the roof completely or if small patches are needed. Some roofs can be repaired by overlaying a new layer of shingles right over the old shingles. For a quality repair job done by professional, knowledgeable and experienced repair technicians; you will want to call a company like San Rafael Roofing, for a free estimate.

Roofing contractors will come and inspect your roof while up on top of the roof and not just from the ground. The inspectors will check all around any pipes, chimneys and along the gutters. They will look for turned up shingles, cracks and missing shingles, and damage around any points where one roof section meets another. They will make sure to take notes of all the areas that need repairs, so the estimate they give the owners is as precise as possible.

Leaks on a roof can occur at any time, but they are usually found around piping, chimneys, or anywhere the roof joins. Clogged gutters or installation of shingles that were put on wrong may create a leak. Finding roof leaks right away and having them fixed properly will save the homeowner money. If a leak is left unattended it will only get worse and water will seep into the building creating further damage. Professional roofers are specialists at repairing tile, shingles, slate or hot tar roofs.

A roof that is leaking can cause internal damage in less then a week. Water can drip down into the walls and do damage to your electrical wiring, walls and floors. Water in the walls can also cause mold and mildew problems. The professional roofers at San Rafael Roofing can find all the leaks and advise you on the best solutions for fixing the roof and staying within your budget.

When roofing contractors find where the roof is leaking from, they will clean up the area first and scrape off the old shingles. They will check the plywood to make sure the plywood is not wet. If the plywood is wet, it will need to be replaced and the interior checked for any water damage. Once the new plywood is installed, new sealers will be put in place and new shingles will be put on top to complete the repair. Professional roofers can also fix any drywall damage that has occurred inside the home.

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