Gag Gifts

Are you looking for the gift to give someone who has it all?  Consider a humorous gag gift for that next birthday or office party.  Because laughter is the best gift of all, gag gifts are quickly gaining in popularity.  The key to giving a good gag gift is to put some thought into it and choosing something that fits the personality and interests of the gift recipient.

Gag gifts can meet every personality as well as every environment.  From gag gifts with kitchen themes, bathroom gag gifts from, to over the hill party gag gifts the options are endless.  You can choose to buy a readymade gift or put in some extra thought and create one on your own.  You can even find specific gag gift ideas from unusual sources such as Plumbing Dallas Texas contractors or other service providers.

Here are some popular gag gift ideas:

  • First, the whoopee cushion is a classic gag gift.
  • Consider printed toilet paper, or toilet paper rolls that surprise unsuspecting guest with messages or sudden sounds.
  • Funny money or fake lottery tickets are another popular reaction getting gag gift.
  • Over the hill gag gifts such as a walker, or cane are great for those turning 40 or 50.
  • Great office gag gifts include funny computer keys, the ever classic invisible ink, unique gift mouse pads, and fun desk side games.
  • Other gag gifts can include politically based gags on upcoming election candidates.
  • Many dollar store finds can quickly and easily be turned into unique gag gifts for an office party.
  • Some of the best gag gifts are those that are simply quirky little notes tied to everyday objects.  For example the “yard stick” which is just that a stick from your yard with a note attached.

Whether you find a cute manufactured gag gift or create one on your own; the idea behind giving a gag gift is to make sure it is something that the recipient as well as the giver will find humorous.

Because gag gifts work great as white elephant gifts, they are perfect for that next office party.  Do you have a friend you kid around with?  Give a gag gift on their next birthday.  From friends to relatives, those who enjoy laughter most will find a well thought out gag gift great.  When looking for just the right gag gift, it’s often that one thing that just jumps out at you and reminds you of the intended recipient.  The key in choosing the right gag gift is to find something in an area of interest to the recipient that is humorous without being insulting.

When you find just the right gift, your greatest reward will be in the laughter and smiles not only of the recipient but the others at the party or gathering as well.

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