Five Gifts For Your Golf Loving Husband

guy_teeboxTo show affection for your husband, consider investing some time and money into his favorite sport, golf. Golfing equipment and gift items relating to this relaxed sport can be relatively cheap and affordable, if you search through the sport stores and online markets. But the effort is worth the result, because the best way to bring a smile to his face is if you bring home one or more of the items listed below.

1. Personalized Golf Balls

When out playing a game with friends, your husband can now keep clear track of his ball with personalized golf balls. With his name and a graphic, he will no longer wonder if he is confusing his ball with a friend’s ball. And at prices like 39.95 dollars for 12 balls, as Red Envelope offers, the gift is reasonably priced. Pair this with discount golf passes, and you’re set!

2. Personalized Golf Club Links

Confusing golf balls is bad enough, but misplacing golf clubs can be monetarily disastrous. To prevent this financially-draining mishap from occurring to your husband, buy him some personalized golf club links. Red Envelope offers a set of 14 Alcoa aluminum links, including both name and phone number, with matching ball markers, for 59.95 dollars. A slightly higher price than we would like, but preferable to the alternative of buying a whole new set of clubs.

3. Men’s Bionic Golf Glove

You can help your husband improve his game with the bionic golf glove. The anatomical padding helps to relax and lighten his grip, providing for a stronger swing and farther distance. Brookstone offers a long-lasting left-hand glove for 24.99 dollars. This is a great gift for golfers of all standing and income levels.

4. Golf Locker Trunk Organizer

This organizer helps to unclutter rooms of all golf equipment and provides your husband with easy storage and mobility. The organizer can hold the following:

  • Shoes
  • Balls
  • Tees
  • Shirts
  • Towels

Priced at 44.99 dollars, the organizer by Brookstone is a must have for every golfer who likes to throw his equipment into the car and head for the golf course.

5. Golf Memorabilia

Your husband may wish to always be at the golf course, but life demands otherwise. To bring the game to him, consider buying these gift items in honor of the sport:

  • Water globe with golf ball
  • Ball marker display
  • Wallet and money clip
  • Golf ball magnet
  • Golf ball iPhone case

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