Finding Help With Your Air Conditioning Problems

Keeping your home comfortable through every season can be a lot simpler if you help the process by taking a few easy to do preventative maintenance steps. Part of your plan is to have your A/C unit checked at least once and up to two times a year if you live in one of the country’s warmer zones. It is important that you dind and use a competant HVAC company to perform routine maintenance on your equipment. That’s where Denton Air Conditioning will come in handy.

In the meantime, it is important that you change your filters on a regular basis so that your system will function more efficiently. Depending on the filters and size of your home, you should change them at least every other month or monthly if they appear to be getting full of dirt and dust.

Where can you find a A/C Service company you can depend on? The Internet is a good place to start. You can research the various service companies in your area. By checking their websites, you can learn a lot about them. Information such as years in business, BBB reports, the qualifications of the owners and employees and customer remarks found on the Denton Air conditioning site can go a long way toward finding a Service company that is right for you.

You want a company that will care for your total system as if it were their own, a company that has earned a solid reputation in the community, along with many satisfied customers. The company should provide 24 hour emergency service. Its employees should be fully trained and certified service technicians who believe in doing the job right from the beginning. The company should be qualified to service all makes.

If your A/C appears to have stopped functioning and you feel you require a service call, there a few steps you should take before calling for help.

Be sure that your thermostat is on the cool position.
Set the temp a couple of degrees below the room temperature.
Check to be sure that the circuit breaker for the A/C has not tripped.
Check the on/off switch located near the outdoor compressor.

After going over the checklist, it’s time to call the A/C service company you have located. Chances are the problem is minor and he will have your unit up and running in a timely fashion. While you are at it, ask about a full service maintenance plan that can leave you covered for any eventuality during every season.

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