Diner Mug Craft Ideas

mugsIf you’re really enthused about that morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea, then you may just find yourself hand-crafting one or several ceramic mugs for your own personal collections. As DIY projects go, specialty diner mugs are generally very easy to accomplish and require little-to-no artistic ability or know-how. It’s definitely a project suitable for all levels of craftsmanship.

If you happen to have a hand for drawing then you can show off your skills with an intricate design or line work. And if you are less than qualified for serious artwork you can also get by with simple decorative scripts, witty one-liners, or dot painting.

Ceramic mug crafts are also great as personalized gifts. If you know a fellow hot-beverage connoisseur, which most people do, then you can surprise them with a practical gift that can be used over and over again.

Choosing The Right Materials

Most DIY instructions for craft projects advocate inexpensive craft materials and supplies. This is a great idea and definitely suitable for large groups of people (such as a classroom full of kids) or for projects that include items that won’t get much wear and tear.

Though if you want to invest a little for a sustainable product, or something that won’t fall apart after a few runs, then you’ll want to choose products of a higher quality. For the mugs themselves this would mean a lighter, more germ-resistant ceramic such as porcelain and for the decoration this would mean high-quality paints that won’t fade away in the dishwasher. So do your homework before purchasing any supplies.

Craft Ideas

Here are a few basic approaches for creating your DIY ceramic mug:

Stencil Designs: These may range from simple cut-outs to monograms or complex line work. You can use a pre-cut stencil or even craft your own with paper stock to create a unique stencil for decorating. Once the stencil is in place feel free to fill it with porcelain paint, markers or even nail polish.

Clever or Heart-Filled Messages: Another common design approach is to free hand a few lines of words directly onto your mug. You may decide to write a love note for someone special or just a great wake-up message for yourself. “Good Morning Gorgeous” seems to work over well every time!

Chalkboard Concept: Chalkboard paint is great for classroom projects or as a means of checking in with your kids at home. Simply cover your mug with porcelain chalkboard paint and allow to dry. A fun message board and a unique mug.

Sticker Outlined Designs: Similar to the stenciling concept this involves placing stickers of your selected design directly onto your mug and then painting around the mug with porcelain paint or decorating it with oil based Sharpie markers. Remove the stickers and bake to preserve your design.

Water Color Hand Painting: Lastly, a very popular and exquisite method of design is using watercolor for your mug. Because of the runny consistency of water color its very easy to mix colors and create flowing, beautiful designs with a few strokes. Use porcelain paint and bake to set as with other methods. You’ll sure to be pleased with the end results.

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