Checklist for new Appliances

Are you considering some new appliances? What type of brands should you invest in? What are the average prices for appliance installation? Do you need to buy the appliances from the Repair Company or will they install appliances you buy on your own? Here is a basic checklist for new appliances. This will make it easier to estimate the costs, time, and overall process of appliance buying and installation.


When buying a new fridge, always search for one that has the “Energy Star” logo. This will give you the right type of money-saving you need on your power bill. The size of your fridge will depend on how much room you have available in your home. Some people want a big fridge but they can only fit a small one in there. You need to get the size right before you shop. Once you have this in place, focus on the color. Are you upgrading all of the appliances in the kitchen to a new color? A basic fridge can cost $400, but the top brands with all the bells and whistles will cost you $2,000 or more. Head to an appliance store to look at various types of fridges so you can compare what you want and what you can afford.


Are you tired of the microwave on the countertop? You can replace it by purchasing a microwave to go over the oven range. This is a great way to free up some counter-space and it looks nicer in the kitchen. A new microwave can also vary in cost based on the model you want. Some cost $200 where others are close to $700. The color and various functions of the microwave will all have an impact on the total cost of the microwave.


If you need a new dishwasher, you need to compare brands. Each brand has a different energy star rating. They also come with some different features and functions that you need to look at. Consider the installation cost of a dishwasher and you may consider doing it on your own. You need to find a good plumber to come out and deal with the installation process if you do not want to attempt it on your own. You can click for more information to find a great plumber in your area.


While you can get a great deal on just about any appliance, the cost of installing them can make the savings frustrating. Not all companies can give you access to contractors to come out and install them. This leaves you trying to install them on your own or searching for someone that can install it for you. Installation costs can be expensive. For some appliances, YouTube can help, but larger appliances (water heaters) are best left to the professionals.

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