Celebrating a Cat Lover’s Birthday

Cat lovers are people who adore cats over all other animals. Of course, cat lovers own cats–sometimes one, sometimes two and sometimes too many to count! You will also know a cat lover by what their house looks like. Does the person you know have a door mat with cats on it? What about coffee mugs and other dishes with cats on them? Do their clothes show cats? If you answered yes to most any of those questions, chances are your friend is a cat lover!

Now, you may ask, what do I get my cat loving friend for his or her birthday? Well of course you’ll want to find something that relates to cats (maybe even a cat itself)! This article will explain some of the best gifts and ideas for celebrating your favorite cat lover’s birthday.

First, nothing says happy birthday like a card. Cat Greeting Cards are sometimes hard to find, but if you can manage to find one, your friend will surely appreciate it! If you absolutely cannot find a greeting card with cats on it at the stationary store, why not make your own? Get out some paper and pencils, and draw your own cat card. Look for tutorials about drawing cartoon cats on the internet if you need help. If you just don’t enjoy drawing, though, definitely check out Cat Greeting Cards online, and you’ll be sure to find some great ones!

For a present for your cat lover’s birthday, what about a framed portrait of your friend’s cat or cats. Try to find a picture, and sneak it out to make a copy and blow it up. Mat and frame it in a nice frame. If you don’t want to give a photograph, take the picture to a professional artist, and have the artist draw or paint a new portrait from the picture provided. This really shows you took the time to give a heartfelt present.

Lastly, your cat lover will probably be heavily into buying toys and gizmos for his or her cats. Go to the local pet shop to find cute and tasty treats for cats or other toys that they may enjoy. Consider a scratching tower or even food and water bowls. If your cat loving friend doesn’t object to them, you could even purchase a cute little outfit for a cat. Perhaps a little kitty policeman outfit or a cat hat!

Whatever you decide on for celebrating a cat lover’s birthday, make it unique to him or her. They will really appreciate it and know that you spent a long time considering what meant the most to them specifically. Who knows, maybe you will soon become a cat lover yourself!

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