Top Useful Gifts

Girl giving gift

Practicality – some people thrive from it.  Even when it comes to gifts there are some people who can’t help but give useful items.  If you are one of these people or are giving a gift to a practical person, than here is a list of some very useful gift ideas. Books – Books are […]

Save Money on Your Sweet Treats by Buying in Bulk


Candy used to be a delicacy, now it is a necessity. The average American consumes an astonishing 24.3 pounds of candy each year! Most of these sweet treats are enjoyed during the holidays. According to a recent survey conducted by the Nation Confectioners Associations, 89 percent of adults said they buy candy for special occasions. […]

Buying Flowers Doesn’t Make the World Happy

close-up woman eyes and  gerbera flower in front of her head

For decades, florist flowers are one of the ultimate and most prestigious gifts for nearly any occasion, especially on significant dates and holidays. A Rutgers University study proved what we have inherently always known; flowers immediately elevate mood and universally make people happy at any age, but at what cost to the world. The Flower […]