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144212-34Black River Imaging has been a resource for professional photographers, designers, and artists for a number of years.It provides products like greeting cards, albums, books, and photographic products at an affordable price and of exceptional quality. They also provide a wide range of products like stationery, photographic prints, albums and books, sports products, home decor, etc. They have a wide choice of products like business cards, greeting cards, loft business cards, loft ornaments, accordion mini books, wall calendars, bookmarks, notepads, stickers, and many more stationary products.

Using Black River imaging you can create a perfect photograph with a wide array of sizes and from two types of kodak pro paper. Pro paper can be of metal or luster type. Metallic pro paper has a chrome-like appearance and produces intense colors or black saturation which amplifies the depth of an image. Luster pro paper is a traditional favorite for wedding photographs because it produces flesh tones. Whether you need photo prints or metal prints or wedding albums, expert camerapersons will suggest using Black River Imaging photo lab.

Metallic prints work by infusing dyes into aluminum sheets that are specially coated and this has become the new technique for preserving photos. The image is imbued not on the surface, but into the surface instead and this causes the image to take on luster.

Metallic Prints are available in five different surfaces, namely, satin, high gloss, mid gloss and sheer with a glossy or matte finish. Metallic prints are brilliant and impressive prints.Turnaround time for a metallic print is three days or less in a lab.

Folio collection

You can print a set of images on our ultra-thick loft paper and display them in an image box which is the folio box. You can select faux leather or premium fabrics to wrap the box. You can select from 10,15,20,25 or 65 images in different formats like 5″ by 7″, 8″ by 10″, or 11″ by 14″.

Custom portfolio boxes

These are fine art editions regardless of print size, or prints in an edition. Graphic artists demand creative, professionally crafted portfolio boxes. Camerapersons, painters, and graphic artists can all utilize portfolio box for their presentations.

Marketers can deliver their premium products or services properly attired using a portfolio box. Portfolio box is all about the art of presentation. Whether it is a business presentation or a commercial photograph or a fine art, it requires a folio that is creatively thoughtful of its theme. In the end, any work will be judged by the art of
presentation, which is the portfolio box.

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