Tips For The Perfect Shave

guy shaved

Getting the perfect shave takes technique and it mostly boils down to the razor that is used. There are many razors on the market from straight edge to electric, which ones bring the closest shave? The disposable seems to win hands down in most studies. There are so many varieties available and when the blade […]

Gadget Gift Guide


Tronix Country, a resource for many technology reviews and information on owning your own tech gadgets, has come out with a great info graphic. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, as many do, about the many brands of electronics, and this case tablets, out there then this graphic is for you. They’ve broken it down into all […]

Your Man Gift Guide


Sometimes isn’t quite so clear what the man in your life wants. That’s why buying gifts for them can be so tricky. Thankfully, Beer of the Month Club has generated this amazing info graphic that gives clear examples of what the men in everyone’s life want. They even categorize them by type of man! These […]

The Origin of Black Friday

Ever wondered how Black Friday got its start? Or why its even called Black Friday? Well, Legacy Lending Group has done their research and put together a great info graphic on The Evolution of Black Friday. You will probably find some of the information surprising. For example, Black Friday has been traditionally considered the start […]