American Proud Clothing

For the hard-working man that drives a good old Chevy or Ford truck, that refuses to shop at the large chain store that dominates low prices and is dead-set against its’ own workers participating in unions, there is The American working man can breathe a little easier in regards to the security of his job as he searches and finds nothing but products that are good quality and proudly made by Americans. There are no outsourcing jobs to undercut the fair wage that Americans deserve with foreign products made by underpaid workers. Here a man can find good, sturdy work wear that stays strong through shift work and proudly bears a “Made in America” label.

At you can find reliable brands that you trust like Carhartt that makes work wear that is made to be durable. If you are working out in the garage or out in the field, Carhartt clothes are working just as hard with you. You can be sure that these overalls and coats are heavy duty and made to last even if they do take an oil stain here or there. Carhartt also offers items that are flame-resistant so they are perfect if you need to do a little welding or if you are out hunting and decide to build and cook with a campfire.

Anyone who works a long, rough day is sure to appreciate the selection of bib overalls from Round House that are perfect for teaming up with a coat to stay warm while doing those outside jobs. Heavy canvas or denim is perfect for preventing the elements from cutting through to cause extra discomfort. They are also ideal for those dirty tasks that mean getting hand-on and sliding under a car or piece of machinery.

For jobs that need a little lighter covering without losing any of the protection of heavy-duty wear, there is a great selection of denim with double or reinforced knees. Cement, rock surfaces and even broken glass will not hinder your ability to get things done when you have to kneel or crawl under heavy equipment or get to hard to reach places. Another option for added coverage is flannel-lined jeans that will keep you comfortable in even the draftiest working spaces.

No job is too tough for American men and their work wear should reflect that. At the clothing selected to represent this proud name is nothing short of tough. By offering good American made products designed for men that bleed red, white and blue they can secure their jobs while proudly working them.

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