Amazing Presents You Will Never Get

The list of things that you will never get as presents unless you are a member of the 1% is long and includes things like a real diamond ring the size of your hand, tickets to every major sporting event on two continents, and an around the world trip using private jet charter services.  Whether for a birthday, anniversary or some other gift occasion, there is a certainty that these types of gifts would be remember for a lifetime but would also put the person paying for the experiences in debt for a lifetime as well.

Let’s start with the diamond jewelry.  A diamond ring the size of your hand would be ungainly and unwearable.  Not only would it be too heavy, it would also be on the other side of good taste – the side that Liberace lived on.  It would be a nightmare to insure, and heaven forbid that the stone come loose from the setting.  Most likely, the ring would need to be put in a safe and only taken out for special occasions.  Would the brilliant sparkle of the ring and the sparkle in your eyes be worth it?  Maybe.

Tickets to every major sporting event on two continents would be outstanding for the sports nut in the family, but it would come at the cost of not only the tickets, but also the hotel rooms, the flights and meals away from home.  Then there is the question of getting time off of work.  It would be super cool to see the World Cup, the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals, Wimbledon, the French Open, the U.S. Open, the World Series, the Stanley Cup Finals, the NCAA Final Four…  That list isn’t even comprehensive.  There are golf matches to consider and world basketball championships to think about.  It would be amazing.

Of the three options put forward, a trip around the world using a private jet charter service may be the most easily accomplishable and affordable.  The itinerary could be chosen by selecting a certain number of cities per continent and the number of days could be limited to the number of days available from work.  A truly awesome trip would include at least three cities per continent, and a visit to all seven continents.  (Antarctica doesn’t have any cities, but there are a couple of cruises that go out of Argentina to get there.)  The sights to see would include the Eiffel tower, the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids in Egypt and South America.  Food would consist of local cuisine, and money could be saved on hotels if flights were scheduled to go overnight.  The best part is that the private charter service could schedule flights from different cities than the ones originally landed in.

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