5 unique Valentine’s Day gifts

Think Valentine’s Day is far way? Think again: It’s in a mere three months, which means all the overly-used cards and candies will be hitting the shelves about a week after Christmas! According to askmen.com, there are several basic gifts you can give, but there are still a few stones left unturned. Here are five unique Valentine’s Day presents that you have not read about elsewhere (with your wallet in mind):

1. A free Valentine’s Day gift for your health

Everyone wants to do something special for Valentine’s Day but few suspect that the most unique gifts are the ones that are free. To pull this unique gift off, you make a promise to the person that you love that you will give up one bad health habit. Although it seems like you need to make a grand gesture, this can be as simple as saying that you are going to stop putting sugar in your coffee for a year.

By drinking black coffee everyday, you are showing you are committed to staying healthy for the one you love. You are also reminded of them each time you take a sip.

2. Unique and Sporty Valentine’s Day gifts

When you are in love with a sports fan, there is a lot of pressure to find a gift that represents their team. Sadly, many sports fans have a healthy collection of these kinds of items already. Thankfully, there are sporty gifts that are unique that include the team logo. If you log onto a website that markets silk screening, you will be able to put a team logo on every surface imaginable.

This includes mouse pads, coffee mugs, shoes, blankets, and baby clothing. In addition, you can pair the item with something that is Valentine’s Day related to combine all the themes at once.

3. Have a poem written for Valentine’s Day gifts

If you have many special things to say but do not have the skills to write a poem, a unique Valentine’s Day gift they will always treasure is within your grasp: just hire a freelance writer. Indicate that you want a poem, tell the writer what you want to say, and give them some artistic license. The end result will be an affordable and unique gift for a Valentine’s Day they will never forget.

4. Unique/Vintage Gift

Is the person you love sort of an oddball? If you go online and look for people that make crafts for a living, you will soon find a wide variety of unique Valentine’s Day gifts at places like Etsy.com. If you fall in love with a particularly unusual item and want to make it a little bit different, most of the artists at these online craft marketing websites will allow you to make a special order.

5. Original Valentine’s Day gift that focuses on fresh kisses

For the holiday that revolves around love, it is a time to emphasize the most common sign of affection that that you give to your partner on a daily basis. However, if their kiss and breathe is not so fresh because they have continued with a dirty smoking habit, give them a subtle hint with e-cigarettes. They are similar to the real thing and that means that you will not need to worry about serious mood shifts as they make steps towards a fresher kiss.

After all, giving a unique gift is often about saying that you want them to be with you forever. Giving them an e-cigarette or personalized poem as a unique Valentine’s Day gift certainly shows the recipient your dedication and that your love is for life.

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