5 Incredibly Cool and Useful Solar Powered Gadgets

Solar Toothbrush

It’s hard to imagine humans’ not needing toothpaste to scrub their teeth, but with the new solar powered toothbrush, this could be a very real reality. The toothbrushes uses the same technology as a solar calculator, so users won’t need to go outside just to brush, but they will need to be in a well lit room.

The toothbrush uses solar power because it creates a chemical reaction in the mouth when being used. This reaction is able to completely eliminate plaque and bacteria without needing toothpaste. While it may seem like a strange invention now, if the product works properly, it will save users hundreds on toothpaste.

Ray solar-powered charger

Nearly everyone has a gadget that they rely on constantly. This could be a cellphone, MP3 player, or GPS system. Regardless of the product, everyone feels that sudden wave of panic when they notice the “low battery” warning sign come on. Fortunately, that’s no longer a problem thanks to the Ray charger.

Unlike other chargers, Ray has strong suction cups that allow it to attach to glass. Since sunlight comes in through glass windows, the design of the product is genius. Even better, there are multiple ports so several devices can be charged at once.

Solar Powered Plane

A solar powered plane just makes sense. After all, the plane is up in the air above the clouds where it can soak in hours’ worth of sun. Why shouldn’t pilots take advantage of that?

There have been many strides to get a solar powered plane airborne, but none were quite as impressive as the Solar Impulse. The Solar Impulse is a lightweight plane that is covered in solar power panels. While tests are still being done on the plane, it was recently able to stay in the air for 26 hours straight at over 28,000 feet. This single flight alone shows that solar market is expanding and that sunlight may just be the future of air travel.

Solar Pool Light

In terms of residential solar power systems, the pool light may just be the most useful. Swimming in the dark can be dangerous, but so is changing the lights inside a pool. This exposes wires to water which can cause an electric shock if not careful. The solution? Solar power that absorbs sunlight during the day and then illumination the pool at night.

Solar Traffic Cone

A normal traffic cone is used to warn drivers about upcoming dangers. While the bright orange cones are certainly noticeable during the day, the same can’t be said during the nighttime hours. The solution? Light up the cones with solar power.

This invention is one of those amazingly simple designs that just makes sense. After all, traffic cones do nothing but sit in sun anyway, so why not give them the power to absorb the light? Even better, these cones helps to make the roads even safer at night.

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